Why do people find it so difficult to delegate?


In our business we see the struggle that people go through before they are comfortable delegating personal tasks.

They know they need to delegate but the decision to do so takes time, for some it takes a few days for others months.

Why do people find it so difficult to delegate, especially when it’s so obvious they need the help? Here are the common myths we find.

1)    I can’t afford to hire anyone.
Yes, you can!  There are many services like ours that allow you to hire an assistant for as little as 2 hours a week.  In addition, extra hands come in all shapes and sizes your kids, spouse, parents, high school or college intern, or a middle school kid in your neighborhood.

2)    I don’t delegate because training takes too long.
In the beginning it takes some time to train but in the long run you will save time.  A good assistant only needs to be trained once and after that they should know how to complete the task.

3)    I don’t delegate because they don’t do it right.
If you communicate your outcome clearly your assistant should have no problem completing the task.  Your assistant may have a different way of completing the task but if it gives you the outcome you need you don’t have to sweat the details.

4)    I don’t delegate because I like to be in control.
To be successful you need to have the ability to create a team of people around you that will help you meet your goals.  You need to build trust and train your team to produce the results.  Being controlling is an obstacle to your success.

5)   I can do it quicker
Maybe you can but the question is what are you not doing instead that might stop you from getting results you want?

6)    Others will see me as incompetent
Sure there is glory in being a super hero, you can cook, clean, tack the kids into bed, do the lawn and have a successful career.  But with this glory there is pain, you only have 24 hours in a day.  Your choice is take on those tasks that bring you the most value and delegate the ones that don’t.

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