employee trainingMany small business owners fail to see the value in providing formal training  to themselves or their employees.  They focus on the bottom line and overlook the value of enhancing the skills and knowledge of their work force.

Formal training gives individuals the opportunity to learn how to solve business problems effectively using proven methods.  It also improves the performance of an employee, making them better and faster at what they do.

Summit PA offers a wide range of workshops in key areas that are critical to business success such as Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Human Resources and Operations. In most cases the instructors are small business owners who are subject matter experts with a track record of success in their respective areas.

Training is the most efficient and effective way for a company to acquire the skills and knowledge they need in areas they are struggling in.  All our workshops meet the following guidelines.

  1.  Taught by subject matter experts
  2.  Tailored for micro and small businesses
  3.  Small class size
  4.  Hands-on training with real life applications
  5.  Immediate value to attendees