7 Practical Things A Small Business Owner Can Do To Boost Employee Morale

Employee Morale

Creating high morale in your team should be the goal of every business owner or manager.  Teams with high morale are more productive, make fewer mistakes, and have less employee turnover. An effective leader has a pulse on the morale of their team and makes the necessary adjustments to ensure that … [Read more...]

Steps To Take When An Employee Quits

I Quit

Sooner or later one of your employees will resign.  Sometimes as a manager you are caught off guard while other times you might see the signs.  Regardless, the best way to handle a resignation is to have a procedure in place and handle the process as professionally as possible. Here are steps you … [Read more...]

7 C’s: How to Hire Great Employees

Great Employees

As your small business grows you come to a point where you must add extra hands to keep the momentum going.  Hiring the right employee goes beyond matching their skills to your job description. Staffing a small business is a critical step and you must have a strategy in place or you will learn the … [Read more...]

Small Business Health Care Tax Credit for Small Employers

Small biz Tax Credit

As a small employer, do you know that you qualify for the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit that will put money in your pocket?  This credit also applies to non-profit organizations. For tax years 2010 through 2013, the maximum credit is 35 percent for small business employers and 25 percent for … [Read more...]