Staffing Services


Hire SMART by using Summit PA staffing services & avoid the costly mistakes made by 3 out of 5 business owners.

We have the experience to recruit, train, retain, and develop top performers. We manage all aspects of the employee’s life cycle so that you can concentrate on running your business. We can objectively evaluate the candidates’ knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics to identify those who are well suited to your job requirements and your office environment.

We offer a wide range of staffing services to meet your needs whether you want to hire an independent contractor (1099), an employee (W2), or an intern.

Pre-Hiring Services
Before you decide to hire a new team member it is important that you are clear about your objectives.  We help you with all the steps you need to take from compensation, scheduling, key performance indicators, job descriptions, to developing an organization chart.

Hiring Services
The hiring process takes a lot of time and energy. Why take on more on your shoulders? We act like your very own HR department, we will search, screen, interview, test, and select the right candidate for your company.

Onboarding Services
Socializing a new employee to your company efficiently is important to meeting your retention goals.  We can facilitate any of the onboarding tasks such as new hire paperwork, benefits, training, introductions, ordering supplies, etc.

Retention Services
Employee turnover is costly to a company.  We help companies develop affordable strategies to retain their top performers whether its performance reviews, morale boasting, training, or team-building exercises.

Exit Services
This is sometimes the hardest part of the employee lifecycle and when handle correctly reduces the possibilities on any liability issues. We can help with the process whether the separation is caused by firing, layoff, or resignation.

Get started today and power your business to the next level.