personal assistantImagine, having your weekly groceries just show up in your refrigerator, having all of your daily tasks just occur, never having to wait for a four hour service window for a repair man at your home.  What is your time worth?  What could you accomplish in lieu of doing those chores?  How much happier could you be without having to worry about getting all of that done?  Summit PA Services has done all of that for us.  Our team member, Louisa Kamau, is truly an extension of us and we have complete confidence that items will be handled in a professional manner to completion.  And the best part is, we don’t have to worry or think about it because we know that it will get done, just happen.  This has freed us up immensely to spend more time working on our careers, our health, our relationship, and our happiness.  We recommend Louisa and Summit PA Services without hesitation.



Summit PA is one of our best finds!  From the smallest of tasks to the most complex, Summit PA always provides us with professional, fast, and on-target services.  Summit has performed smaller tasks like filing and administrative support for us.  They have also performed more complex services such as helping us develop our marketing ideas and plan our business strategy. Summit is also a great resource to connect you with the people/services you need on a contract basis. I cannot say enough about what a great service they have provided us for years.



Summit PA and I have just celebrated our fifth anniversary!  Louisa Kamau and her talented colleagues have worked with me over the last 5 years not only in helping my life to run smoothly on a regular basis, but also to tackle big projects both at home and at the office.  It is astounding to think of how much we have accomplished, and it was only because I had Summit PA at my side that this was possible.

Louisa is a person of integrity and honesty and is reliable and dependable.  She is also very resourceful, has a deep network of connections to help get jobs done, and is an experienced,  gifted problem solver.

I give Summit PA five stars!



I have worked with Summit PA for over four years and have benefited repeatedly and consistently from Louisa’s tireless work ethic.  From repair work to arranging house, car, and pet care, and countless organizational and managerial tasks, Louisa works hard to ensure top-notch service, both from her staff and the contractors with whom she works.  She is committed to meeting the needs of her clients in a timely, efficient manner.  I would not hesitate recommending her services to anyone who needs help with any kind of household project — no matter how small or overwhelming!



If you’ve ever heard of the show “MacGyver” then you know what we mean by saying that Louisa is like MacGyver.  No matter what we assign her to do, she always figures out a way to get it done, whether it’s figuring out how to get two cars serviced at the same time or finding a really hard to locate type of cereal.  No matter what, she gets the job done which is very important in a household with two working professionals who have little time or patience to deal with the running of a house.  Hire her, you won’t regret it.



“Run don’t walk to hire her” is what I was told when I asked for a reference from one of her clients.  Let me say that was an understatement and if I had to grade Summit PA Services they would get A++.  Summit PA Services is extremely organized and Louisa is exceptional when it comes to multi-tasking.  She is very professional and hardworking.  I highly recommend her organization,”



Louisa was a godsend. She took care of some things that I found it difficult to after the death of my husband. She’s great!



I hired Louisa as my personal assistant in January 2008 on the recommendation of an acquaintance. Since then, I’ve recommended her to everyone I know! Louisa is a consummate professional, efficient, incredibly trustworthy and dependable, flexible, and solution-driven. I’ve had her grocery shop, supervise my house cleaner, hire and supervise handymen, drive me to the airport, buy, wrap and mail gifts, buy and sell things online, do my banking, and have my car serviced, among many other tasks. If you never get to all the things on your to-do list, you need to hire Louisa today.