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Summit-PA-Services – Personal Assistant in Atlanta

What do all the top 10% business performers have in common? A Personal Assistant!

Successful professionals are experts at multitasking—juggling family,  business meetings, taking calls from clients, and coming up with innovative ways to enhance their life. Sometimes the demand on their time exceeds the number of hours in the day.  In order to restore sanity and productivity they must use effective time management skills and delegate effectively to a trusted assistant.

At Summit PA we provide personal assistant services to busy individuals looking to outsource themselves by leveraging the services of a savvy assistant whether on a part-time, full-time, or as-needed basis.

What makes us unique?
• You get a dedicated personal assistant
• Your personal assistant is hands-on and not virtual.
• You can delegate a wide range of tasks from errands to creating presentations
• You only pay for the hours you use.

Your personal assistant works closely with you helping you make the best use of your time. The relationship you build is not a servant/master relationship but a professional relationship that is based on respectful boundaries and mutual respect. Our personal assistants are tech savvy and great defenders of your time; in addition they have the following attributes.
• Highly organized
• Great work ethic
• College educated
• Quick learners
• Passed a stringent background check

If you like the idea of hiring a personal assistant but only need help 8-30 hours a week we have various packages that will meet your needs. You will enjoy the services of a dedicated assistant without worrying about any employee related expenses or employment taxes. Here is a sample list of what you can delegate to your Personal Assistant
personal assistant

• Travel arrangements
• Calendar management
• Appointment setting
• Scheduling of staff and maintenance personnel.
• Coordinating personal schedules and daily activities
• Screening calls and correspondence
• Maintaining social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
• Errands
• Light housekeeping duties
• Laundry
• Organizing space and rooms
• Car maintenance and repairs
• Pet-sitting
• Managing home improvements and maintenance
• Party and event planning /coordination
• Maintaining social and philanthropic activities
And the list goes on

If you live in the metro Atlanta area get started today!