Onboarding a New Employee


In some companies the new hires fail at a rate of 46%.  An important way for business owners to combat these challenges is to implement an effective onboarding program. The goal of the Onboarding process is to help new hires adjust to the social and performance aspects of their jobs quickly and become productive and contributing team members of the company.

When done right the onboarding process will make the new hire feel welcomed and prepared in their new position and the employer will reap the benefits of lower turnover, higher retention rates, and increased productivity.

Here are some of the steps to an effective onboarding process

Pre-Hire Checklist
__Use behavioral interview techniques to determine fit
__Share your company’s culture
__Background check
__Reference check
__Send out offer letter
__Sign contract
__Confirm start date
__Call to welcome employee

Day 1  Checklist
__Share the companies Mission and Vision
__Assign manager/supervisor
__Provide a detailed job description
__Outline the key performance indicators of the job
__Have HR paper work prepared and ready for signing
__Have important company policies and guidelines
__Provide an employee handbook
__Set expectations of work hours
__Outline the resources available to the new hire
__Take new hire out to lunch of the first day
__Introduce new hire to Team/Colleagues/Client
__Schedule training/orientation
__Schedule feedback sessions
__Give new hire company branded items i.e. business cards, t-shirts, pens, etc
__Set up new hire on Computer Programs and System, Email, Phone, Security System

 60 – 90 days after hiring
__Schedule lunch
__Schedule a formal feedback session(that works both ways)
__Keep employee informed of key activities going on within the company
__Hold a “re-orientation” program to revisit the material provided in the hiring stage
__Schedule training for the areas the new hire may be struggling in

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