Job Seeker Tips – How To Stand Out & Secure An Interview


InterviewIn today’s market, job seekers must make an extra effort to stand out.  Many applicants have the core skills needed to qualify for the job but my goal as a recruiter is to find the best person for the job. That means that the applicant has to deliver more than just the skill set needed for the job, they must also deliver the total package -great attitude, professionalism, spotless background, and fit.

For every job opening I post I get a tremendous amount of resumes. In order to be efficient, I have developed strategies that quickly weed out unqualified or mediocre applicants. Here are some tips for job seekers that want to stand out and get an invitation for an interview.

1)      Professional Voicemail
If you are lucky enough to get a call from a recruiter, make sure your voicemail greeting is upbeat and professional.  Having a pop song as your ringing tone or a voicemail greeting that is not personable may cost you the interview invitation.

2)      Professional Email Address
Even though you may have an awesome background and appealing resume, if your email address is, you might turn off the recruiter.  I suggest that you create an email address for job search simply make it your name.

3)      Social Media
A lot of progressive recruiters are using social media to engage job seekers.  Make sure that your social media profile portrays you in great light.  You might want to tone down hobbies or commentary that may be offensive or misunderstood.

4)      Research
Many job seekers play the numbers game and send resumes blindly to companies without taking the time to do some basic research. Researching a company is an important step that most job seekers miss. Before you submit your resume find out more about who you are applying to and understand their purpose to customize your correspondence with them accordingly.

5)      Resume
Your resume should be outstanding and no longer than one page. Make sure it highlights your objectives and achievements. It must contain the requirements for the job, as well as key words that directly reflect the position you are applying for.   Many HR departments use resume parser software to weed out resumes.

6)      Cover letter
Accompany every resume you submit with a cover letter. This allows you to customize your experience to the job you are applying for. Its main purpose is to emphasize your strengths and assets in a way that will interest the recruiter to invite you for an interview.

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