How to Hire a Virtual Team Member


Virtual Team

You’re drowning in work—a victim of your own success.  And now you need help–someone who can work with little supervision.  Your needs can be met virtually by a team member working as an employee, independent contractor, or service provider (such as a Bookkeeper, Admin Assistant, Personal Assistant, Graphic Designer, or CPA).  How do you hire the right person?

 Understand Your Needs

 1)      Create an Organization chart.  You may think you are too small of a business to have a chart but even though you a solopreneur most of the tasks that you do  to keep your business running can be categorized in key departments  i.e. Marketing, Sales, Administrative, Accounting, and HR

 2)     Evaluate your skill set and determine your strengths and weaknesses. You probably find that you are really good at some stuff, not proficient in some and mediocre in many.

3)     Determine the tasks or department you need to outsource. Most business owners believe that they need to delegate tasks they don’t like or find difficult but that is not the most effective way.  You need to think of your time as the MOST important resource for your business and you need to outsource the tasks or departments in order of importance to your bottom line in this order.
1) Essential tasks that affect your bottom line the least.
2) Critical tasks or departments that you have the weakest skills
3) Tasks you do well but don’t have a great impact to your bottom line

4)     Create a detailed job description if you are hiring an employee or a detailed scope of work if you are hiring an independent contractor/service provider.



1)         Look for potential prospects using various methods such as

  • Your social networks
  •  Internet searches
  •  Trade organization
  •  Staffing services (like Summit PA)
  •  Classified Ads


2 )       Conduct rigorous interviews

  • Use behavioral questions to determine work style and compatibility
  • Clearly communicate your expectations, deadlines, and standards.
  • Ask about the prospect’s backup plan (when out sick or experiencing technology issues).
  • Discuss pricing/budget—by the hour, by the project,  on retainer
  • Discuss working style and how best to communicate


3 )       Meticulously conduct reference and background checks. In addition to traditional background methods check out their profiles social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Plaxo

4 )      Execute a Letter of Agreement/Contract that contains

  • Detailed job description
  • Key performance indicators
  • Specify performance evaluation procedures and timeframes.
  • Work schedule (days/ hours)
  • Payment details and procedures.
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