DOs and DON’Ts when working with your Assistant.


You are a small business owner or a busy professional and you have hired a Personal or Administrative Assistant.  Now what?  To make the best use of your assistant here are some tips.

DO schedule time to communicate what’s going on: Sometimes life is hectic and you don’t have the time for one more meeting but it’s very important that your assistant is on board with what is going on with you.  Spend at least 30 – 45 minutes per week updating your assistant this will allow them to be the best defender of your time and help you achieve your goals.

Don’t micro-manage:  Once you delegate expect your assistant to make it happen professionally and efficiently in conformance with your expectations, standards, and schedule.

Do have checks and balances.  Create a system where you can check on the work the assistant is doing on a regular basis.

Do create a bin, folder or an inbox near your desk or working area so that you can easily delegate tasks that come across your desk.

Do make sure that your assistant has the resources needed to complete their job for e.g. if you need them to buy items on your behalf make sure that the petty cash kitty is funded.

Do periodically check to see what is on your assistant’s to-do list.  It should be parallel to your goals if not you need to re-prioritize the list.

Do not share too much information your assistant.  Make sure you have boundaries as to how much information you give your assistant.  It is perfectly ok to share with them your personal information such as your social security number if that will help them in completely some of your tasks such as fill out your passport renewal. However, it is inappropriate to discuss issues about your love life.

Do respect your assistant’s time.  Sure there are many times when deadlines need to be met and your assistant may need to stay late to complete the work.  However, if you are causing the back log due to issues like procrastination try and be considerate.

Don’t yell if things don’t go as planned, give your assistant constructive feedback. It will help them do a better in their job.

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