Why a Personal Assistant may be right for you!

Busy Professional

If you are a busy professional that never seems to have enough hours in a day, hiring a Personal Assistant can be a step in the right direction.  With a PA you can be more productive, reduce your stress level, and most of all spend your time on what matters. Celebrities and famous people have … [Read more...]

The NOT To-do list

The NOT to-do-list

One of my favorite productivity techniques is the “NOT To-do list” unlike its cousin the To-do list the longer this list gets the less intimidating it becomes.  There are many tasks that end up on your plate that don’t impact your goals but adversely affect your time.  So what do you do with the … [Read more...]

What can my assistant help me with?


A personal assistant sometimes referred to as a PA works closely with you helping you make the best use of your time. The relationship you build is not a servant/master relationship but a professional relationship that is based on respectful boundaries and mutual respect. At Summit PA every … [Read more...]

Why do people find it so difficult to delegate?

Overwhelmed Business Owner

In our business we see the struggle that people go through before they are comfortable delegating personal tasks. They know they need to delegate but the decision to do so takes time, for some it takes a few days for others months. Why do people find it so difficult to delegate, especially … [Read more...]

An effective technique to deal with Adult ADD/ADHD

ADHD and your personal assistant

For adults diagnosed with ADD/ADHD the responsibilities of daily life can be challenging. Routine tasks such as paying the bills on time, organizing family schedules, keeping up with deadlines at work, and other social demands can be overwhelming.  However, with the right tools and techniques it is … [Read more...]

Onboarding a New Employee

New Hire

In some companies the new hires fail at a rate of 46%.  An important way for business owners to combat these challenges is to implement an effective onboarding program. The goal of the Onboarding process is to help new hires adjust to the social and performance aspects of their jobs quickly and … [Read more...]

Do You Own Your Business or Does Your Business Own You?

YOU organization chart

As small business owners we wear many different hats. During the day we may have to go from being the receptionist to the CEO to the janitor. Then, somewhere in the midst of doing all of that, we also have to do the things we get paid to do, the things we are passionate about. It’s no surprise that … [Read more...]

DOs and DON’Ts when working with your Assistant.

personal assistant

You are a small business owner or a busy professional and you have hired a Personal or Administrative Assistant.  Now what?  To make the best use of your assistant here are some tips. DO schedule time to communicate what’s going on: Sometimes life is hectic and you don’t have the time for one … [Read more...]

Effectively Managing a Virtual Team


Your business has grown and you have hired a great team member but they are working virtually. Here are tips to help nurture this unique but common work environment. The Virtual Office.1) Determine the work hours:  The strength of working virtually is that the work can be completed almost anytime.  … [Read more...]

How to Hire a Virtual Team Member

Virtual Team

You’re drowning in work—a victim of your own success.  And now you need help–someone who can work with little supervision.  Your needs can be met virtually by a team member working as an employee, independent contractor, or service provider (such as a Bookkeeper, Admin Assistant, Personal Assistant, … [Read more...]