7 Practical Things A Small Business Owner Can Do To Boost Employee Morale


Employee Morale Creating high morale in your team should be the goal of every business owner or manager.  Teams with high morale are more productive, make fewer mistakes, and have less employee turnover. An effective leader has a pulse on the morale of their team and makes the necessary adjustments to ensure that morale remains strong. Here are some practical things a business owner can use to strengthen morale in their company.

1)     Be a Servant-Leader:
Morale in the workplace is directly affected by the leadership skills of the business owner or manager.  Leaders that use the Servant-leader approach share power with their team, put the needs of others before their own, and develop their team members. Servant-leaders also manage their teams based on trust, mutual respect and collaboration. These teams tend to have higher morale than teams where the leader is more dictatorial or has ineffective leadership skills. To learn more about Servant-Leader ship www.gabrielcenter.org/abouts-l

2)     Communicate goals clearly:
This may seem obvious but you will be surprised at how many employees are not sure what their company or department goals are.  Clearly communicating goals will ensure that your employees know what is expected of them and motivate them to achieve those objectives. It will also reduce frustration in the workplace because managers and employees are on the same page.

3)     Encourage Employee Feedback:
I conduct a lot of exit interviews for my clients and one of the top reasons that employees mention as a contributing factor to their decision to leave their company is that their feedback was not valued. Listening to your employees and receiving their feedback honestly not only boosts morale but also gives you valuable insights and observations that could affect your bottom line. Here is an effective way to solicit feedback www.getvetter.com/gettingstarted

4)     Celebrate Special Event :

People like to have fun even at work.  Employees feel valued and appreciated when the company or business owner takes the time to recognize the special events going on for the employee such as such as birthdays, weddings, or kids graduation.  The celebration can be a simple card or a cake but it goes a long way in boosting morale. An easy way to automatically send out cards and gifts is to use a service like www.sendoutcards.com

5)     Recognize and reward employee achievements:
You don’t have to reward everyone who does a good job, but it is important to recognize those employees who exceed expectations. For example, you could recognize the employee who receives the most positive feedback from customers. By recognizing and rewarding employee for outstanding achievements you will create fun competition and enthusiasm.

6)     Get to know your employees:
I once worked for a boss that made the effort to take 5-10 minutes every week to meet with each team member individually.  This “off the record” time as he called it, was a time where the employee would update him on what was going on in their life. He listened carefully with no judgments but used the information to adjust the workload accordingly when appropriate.  This technique helped him build a close bond with his team and in return his team went beyond the call of duty.

7)     Boast morale with food.
Treat your employees  to lunch or desert on a regular basis and splurge during the holidays.  Providing free food to your employees shows you care and appreciate them.


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