5 Reasons to Work with a Staffing Agency


Summit PA Services EmployeesStaffing companies create value for their clients and for their employees.  Most staffing agencies have a niche market they serve and they have become experts in those industries.  Agencies have a unique relationship with their employees because the employees are the “product” they sell.  Here are 5 reasons why you should work with a staffing agency like Summit PA Services.

1) Be the first to know about job openings:
Many employers do not go  through the hassle of advertising for job openings.  They have forged relationships with agencies who take over the recruiting process including advertising for new hires.

2) Get the inside scoop:
Staffing companies specialize in position types,  areas, industries, or even companies. They are knowledgeable about the employment trends, job market, and have the inside scoop on the cultures of many companies.  Also, in some cases you can start as a Temp and try out the job and company’s culture before becoming a direct hire.

3) Flexibility.
If you want a flexible work schedule working for a  staffing company will give you the best option.  Most jobs we place at Summit PA Services are part-time and you can pick the hours you want to work.

4) Free training and assessments:
Get free training and best practices from the staffing company.  The agency will invest in you and pay for personality assessments so you can be a great hire to their clients. This will enhance your skills and improve your marketability.

5) Never get bored:
Many staffing companies give you the opportunity to select the assignments you want to take.  As a result, if you are open to adventure you can work with a variety of clients of all different sizes, cultures and industries.

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