10 Steps to Effective Delegation


Delegation is an effective time management skill.  It is defined as the ability to effectively empower others to work on your behalf. In simpler terms, it’s your ability to get things done by using the time and skill of another.

Here are some steps to be effective.

1) Define the goal you are striving to achieve.

2) List the tasks you need to complete to achieve the goal. Don’t worry if your list looks overwhelming, most people will have more tasks than time. It’s important to list all the tasks down.

3) Decide what tasks you need to delegate. Ask yourself, should I focus my time on this task? Do I have the skills to complete the task?

4) Find the right assistant to delegate the task to; Think outside the box! Delegatees can come in all shapes and ages. It could be an employee, independent contractor, or a service provider like Summit PA Services. Make sure their skills and ability match the requirements of the task. Be sure to take the time to hire the right person.

5) Set clear standards and deadlines.  Be specific about the results you are looking for and clearly define the deadlines.

6) Define the scope and degree of authority given to the delegatee for the task. Be specific which decisions your delegatee may make independently and which require your approval. Be sure your delegatee understands his or her authority.

7) Allocate resources necessary to complete the task. This may include things like passwords, software or access to personal space.

8) Focus on results. Don’t dwell on the details of how the work should be done: Allow the person to control his or her own methods and processes.

9) Establish follow-up. Use a series of pre-scheduled meetings to monitor progress and to give feedback.

10) Thank your delegatee.  Appreciation helps build a bond between you and your delagatee.

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